Property Division

Dividing The Marital Estate In A Fair And Efficient Way

Under Texas community property law, each spouse has a 50 percent stake in property acquired during marriage, no matter who was the “breadwinner.” However, the law also says the division of property must be “just and right” and does not require an exact 50-50 split. What does all this mean in your divorce?

At Carl J. Mangine, Attorney at Law, PLLC, our staff helps clients reach a fair and sensible distribution of the assets (and debts) they have acquired with their spouse. Based in Schertz, Texas, our lawyer handles both contested and uncontested divorces in Guadalupe County and surrounding areas.

Property Division Doesn’t Have To Be A Fight

Mr. Mangine represents clients with large retirement assets and other complex property, as well as clients with relatively simple estates. In either case, there may be some question about the value of assets (valuation) or whether assets are community property (characterization). Carl Mangine couples his thorough analysis of the marital estate with creative strategies to reach a property settlement agreement that both parties can live with.

From 10-plus years of practice, Mr. Mangine can address all facets of marital estates:

  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), 401(k) and IRA accounts
  • Private, military and federal pensions
  • Stocks and investments
  • The marital home and other real estate
  • A small business or family business
  • Vehicles and other valuables
  • Credit card balances and loans

In most cases, Mr. Mangine is able to reach a give-and-take agreement. In a trial, the expense is greater and the outcome is less predictable. If the judge finds that one party is more culpable for the divorce, for example, that party might be awarded less than half of the assets.

Protecting Your Interests And Moving You Forward

Mr. Mangine is an effective litigator when there is an impasse or legal question that must be decided by the court, but he avoids fighting over furniture or other property that is not worth the energy and expense. Our goal is a fair, practical and cost-conscious settlement.

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