Advance Directives Attorney in Schertz, Texas

Stating Your Wishes About End-of-Life Care

Your loved ones may be faced with difficult decisions if you are terminally ill or gravely injured. An advance directive provides guidance to your physicians and family members if you are near death, but unable to make decisions for yourself.

The law firm of Carl J. Mangine, Attorney at Law, PLLC, provides both legal insight and sensitivity to address these delicate but important topics. Mr. Mangine can walk you through different scenarios to ensure that your wishes are clearly expressed and your values are honored if and when the time comes.

Advance Directives for Health Care

An advance directive, sometimes called a “living will,” is a legal document that can be invoked and enforced if you are incapacitated by illness, injury or dementia. It includes a directive to physicians and hospitals regarding end-of-life care matters.

  • Do you want “heroic measures” if your heart stops?
  • Do you want a DNR order (do not resuscitate)?
  • Would you want to be kept on life support?
  • Do you want pain medication at the end or do you want to be “lucid”?
  • Do you want last rites?

In conjunction with an advance directive, you may wish to establish a medical power of attorney. This appoints a primary person (usually a spouse) and perhaps an alternate (such as an adult child) to make decisions regarding surgery, resuscitation and artificial breathing if you are unconscious.

Compassionate Counsel for a Difficult Subject

You may want your family to do everything possible to keep you alive. You may want to be kept comfortable but allowed to die naturally. You may want life support in some circumstances, but not in others. These are scary or touchy things to think about, but Mr. Mangine knows that you will have peace of mind once you make your decisions and put them on paper.

Mr. Mangine brings legal experience and life experience to these matters. He attends to the details to make sure that your advance directive is clear and compliant with Texas law. His firm serves Schertz, Universal City and Guadalupe County. Call his office or contact him online to schedule a consultation.