Family Law & Divorce Attorney in Schertz, Texas

Strong Support for Complex & Stressful Matters

There are no winners when a marriage breaks up. It creates financial strains and ongoing conflicts. It brings out the worst in otherwise good people.

The attorney at Carl J. Mangine, Attorney at Law, PLLC, aims for amicable and practical solutions that make the best of an unfortunate reality. However, Mr. Mangine understands that sometimes it is necessary for a court to intervene and make decisions when the parties cannot come to an agreement. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients in their contested proceedings, without fanning the flames or running up the legal fees.

Divorce & Family Law in Guadalupe County

Carl Mangine has practiced law since 2003, after a long career in the Air Force. He serves clients in Schertz, University City and all surrounding communities, including retired and active-duty military personnel. He can knowledgeably address all matters of Texas family law:

Mr. Mangine tries to be the voice of reason in the midst of chaos. Your lawyer has to be above the intense emotions to help you see the big picture and choose your battles wisely. He will explain the options and help you make sound decisions. He will do what he can to protect you from a spouse’s adverse actions or the whims of the court.

Carl Mangine can refer you to an excellent family law attorney in this area who will work with divorces involving minor children.

Helping Clients Move Forward

Mr. Mangine is committed to pursuing a favorable result for you. Along the way, he'll strive to be attentive and accessible because he knows these are anxious times for you. Call his law office or contact him online to arrange a consultation with Schertz family law attorney Carl Mangine.