Power of Attorney Lawyer in Schertz, Texas

Who Should Handle Your Personal Affairs?

A power of attorney anticipates the “what if” scenarios. For example, if you were incapacitated by illness, who would manage your finances? If you were critically injured in an accident, who would make medical decisions?

Carl J. Mangine, Attorney at Law, PLLC, drafts clear and detailed powers of attorney to give clients protection and peace of mind. Whatever life brings, your loved ones should be prepared and empowered to act on your behalf. Mr. Mangine can write powers of attorney as stand-alone documents or as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

Durable Power of Attorney

It’s a scary thing to sign over control, even to your spouse or adult child. But the alternative is guardianship proceedings or a situation in which your assets are vulnerable or your care is neglected.

  • durable power of attorney gives authority to an appointed person to manage your personal affairs — bills and bank accounts, investments, real estate transactions and legal actions.
  • health care power of attorney enables your proxy to make medical decisions on your behalf, such as surgery or nursing home care. This may be in conjunction with an advance directive or ”living will.”

Powers of attorney may be temporary, as during an overseas vacation or military deployment. They may be triggered by a debilitating event or a finding of mental incapacity. The powers can be limited in scope or can assign full control.

Discuss Your Concerns with a Knowledgeable Attorney

Carl Mangine is an experienced estate planning lawyer who can help you craft these documents to anticipate different scenarios and reflect your wishes. It is important to make these arrangements while you still have your “sound mind and body.” Mr. Mangine often meets with elderly clients and the adult child who would be given power of attorney, or you may want to keep these decisions confidential.

Mr. Mangine's firm serves Guadalupe County and surrounding communities, including Air Force personnel stationed in Texas. Call his law office in Schertz or contact him online to schedule a consultation.