Wills Attorney in Schertz, Texas

Experienced Legal Counsel for Writing or Updating a Will

When you pass away, your surviving family members may have questions, decisions or competing interests. A will gives you control over your estate and your legacy. It gives direction to your loved ones at a difficult time and prevents many disputes.

Carl J. Mangine, Attorney at Law, PLLC, can help you properly draft this important document. Mr. Mangine can write a will from scratch or revise your existing will to reflect life changes such as divorce, remarriage, new children or a spouse’s death. He provides comprehensive estate planning services to clients in Schertz, Universal City and surrounding communities of Guadalupe County.

Your Last Will & Testament

A “simple will” can actually be quite detailed and complex. Attorney Carl Mangine draws on years of experience in writing wills and litigating estate disputes. He can help you anticipate issues and legally express what is most important to you, such as:

  • Declaring your intended heirs
  • Assigning assets to each heir
  • Setting aside a life estate
  • Naming a personal representative of your estate
  • Nominating a guardian of minor children
  • Stating your wishes for funeral arrangements and your remains

Under Texas law, you can specify independent administration in your will. This is a huge boon to your chosen personal representative, who can settle your estate without court supervision or posting a bond. Otherwise, the court requires approval of every transaction and the probate process drags out.

Everyone, regardless of age or health or marital status, should have a will. If you die intestate (without a will), the court will determine your heirs. Under Texas heirship statute, a spouse gets 50 percent of the estate and one’s children split the rest. If you want the bulk of your estate to go to your spouse or to the children of your first marriage, for instance, you must say so in your will. Attorney Mangine can help you spell out your wishes.

A Properly Drafted Will Gives You Full Control

Mr. Mangine has written wills for business owners, retirees, active-duty military personnel and people from all walks of life. For peace of mind about what will happen following your death, contact him online, or call his office in Schertz to schedule a consultation.